Never lose track of how many people participate, who has not yet responded and who has declined. In addition, you can distribute all important tasks via the to-do list and the bring list reminds everyone which things should not be missing.


Get a sense of when and where your event should take place and ask what else needs to be clarified. Decide when the results will be visible to the participants and whether they can add answer options.


In mikomo, the chat is used for communication within an event and not for storing important information. Outside of event chats, you can also communicate with your friends directly in one-on-one chats


Plan the day or the whole weekend with mikomo. First go to the cinema, afterwards go out for dinner and then party in the club. For each activity, information such as time, place and also participants can be defined. So you never lose track of who is taking part in which activity.

Manage money

Record all costs in mikomo and get an overview after the event, who still has to pay money to whom. Furthermore, you can collect money with mikomo or simply manage an existing budget.


mikomo offers a photo gallery in each of your events, where each of the participants can upload their best pictures. This way, you can share your photos with each other in one central place without annoying chat messages.